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IgnoreMyScore.com was organized to help customers that have been searching for assistance in obtaining a bad credit auto loan. This is accomplished by matching your credit status to the right lender. Once IgnoreMyScore.com has found the right lender to approve your loan, we then find a local dealer to work with your lender and assist you in finding a vehicle that fits your needs.

Our method has worked for many folks throughout the United States and Canada. We realize that you need a snappy, painless, and straightforward auto purchasing experience, and this is precisely what we do for you.

We specialize in all credit scenarios from bad or no credit to perfect credit. If your credit is less than desirable our system may be the perfect first step to improving your credit. Once you have obtained a loan through our system you will have the chance to build a history of timely payments. Our lenders report your positive credit to all the major credit reporting agencies giving you the track record you need and the credit you deserve.

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